SIZE: 0-5MM / 10-20MM / 10-25MM / 30-60MM / 40-80MM / 50-100MM.
Mining open case / under gound.

Al Bahar Crusher is primarily engaged in mining, crushing Low silica limestone for marketing the final products throughout the Middle East countries, India and China. Our main objective is to produce quality products and achieve cost effective technological innovations in mining. Al Bahar Crusher is managed professionally to remain focused towards increasing productivity and growth while satisfying the clients requirements.  The estimated production is 12 Million MT/annum of Steel grade low silica limestone and this is about 80% of the production capacity. We are in a position to increase the production by 100% the current levels with the existing unit.

The nearest ports to the Al Bahar Crusher are:-

  1. Saqr Port, Ras al Khaimah, UAE is 65 Kms.
  2. Fujairah Port, Fujairah, UAE 70 Kms

Al Bahar Crusher has a sister concern who has got 60 trailers to transport the Low Silica Limestone from the mine to the port and a contract with another private company who have 100 trailers.

Our Mission:
To attain the leading position in the limestone producers of 12 Million MT serving local property and international (industrial) market.

Our Vision:
To be the leading Low Silica Limestone producer in the UAE endeavoring the property and industrial markets.

Our Strength:
We have about 120 employees including highly trained and efficient Engineers, Technicians, Operators, Drivers and helpers. On the other hand our administrative staff includes 15 talented employees to fulfill the requirements of clients and staff. Our large crushing plant is designed and equipped with modern machinery to produce 2,000 MT/hour and which makes Ready Rocky Quarries the largest producer in mining industry in Fujairah Emirates.

Our Plant is designed to meet the quality and production requirements, operates at competitive cost, complies with today’s tough environment regulations.
The plant’s design and commissioning was done by highly experienced engineers and plant is being maintained by team of operations, maintenance and safety personnel. This modern plant includes safety guards around all moving equipment, on both sides of any conveyors with personnel access.

  • Large dust collection and filtering systems throughout the crusher is available.
  • Modern methods been adopted to store diesel, lubricants and hazardous chemicals.
  • Water sprayers throughout the plant to reduce their borne dust in the mine.

The Mine Owner: H.E Shaikh Abdul Malek Kayed Al Qasemi